Monday, August 12, 2013

B a b y // P i c s

I had the wonderful blessing of getting photos taken of Conrad by Taylor Lord (what an awesome birthday gift:). She is such a talented photographer, and good friend of ours. We enjoyed getting some shots of Conrad before he turned into a toddler. Taken with the beautiful scenery of Bull Creek Park in our midst, and a lovely photographer at our side, we knew these photos would turn out stunning. I can't believe it has taken me so long to post these. She was such a doll to send me the photos while I was in the hospital for my gallbladder, which turned out fine, for all those inquiring minds. We are hoping that was the last hospital visit for 2013. Enjoy the photos, check out her site and thank you for visiting.

we are beyond blessed.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

9 months old! Pictures of Conrad

 On July 4th, Conrad turned 9 months old. We can't believe how fast he is growing, and our love for him as well. Thankfully Jordan was off work and we were able to enjoy the day as a family. We went to our neighborhood's pool with him, and grilled out some food in our backyard that evening. After we got back from the pool we took these pictures of Conrad on our bed. He was being so smiley and having so much fun, we couldn't resist. They turned out really special and cute.
{ I didn't take the changing pad photos of Conrad this month, mainly because I had taken these, and also because its hard to get him to sit still on his changing pad now:/ Hopefully you can tell how he's grown. }

New Developments: this month Conrad learned to actually crawl, (yes, with all 4's!), he also learned to pull up to standing on his own (all within a couple days). He also is starting to form words, he definitely is saying Dada. Mama too, but not as much, and of course the regular baby babble. He loves to scream as well:) 
Nurses 3 times a day, and 3 meals as well. He loves his cheese curls! Still isn't interested in people food, eating baby puree. Hopefully that will change soon.

We are loving and enjoying our precious little boy. He is so much fun, you can clearly see his personality in these photos. Enjoy!

Here are the photos from his changing station, Daddy had to assist with this photo op
because Conrad is too good at rolling over now:)

hahaha, he wants his Daddy!

love this little boy to the core.